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Rev Run spreads the message of ‘AT&T Inspired Mobility’ in advance of Social Media Sunday



Rev Run is one of the most powerful voices on social media. Through Twitter and Instagram, Rev Run often shares inspirational quotes and gives advice to his followers.

The member of the legendary rap group Run DMC recently teamed up with AT&T Inspired Mobility to bring awareness to Social Media Sunday which will take place on Nov. 22.

During a meet and greet at the AT&T Store in Midtown Manhattan, Rev Run spoke with rolling out to share his thoughts on AT&T Inspired Mobility, spreading the positivity on social media, and fatherhood.

Why was it important for you to be a part of AT&T Inspired Mobility?

Inspired Mobility is an amazing thing for me because I was already tweeting and  Instagramming. So when AT&T decided they wanted to partner with me, it was amazing because I’m reaching 5 million people on Twitter with about one million on Instagram. I also have a couple million followers on Facebook as well. But at the end of the day, as long as I am able to reach more people that might not know about these places then I’m in a better place. So teaming up with AT&T was a great thing.

How do you make sure that your message continues to inspire on social media?

When you’re reading my posts and it’s helping you, you’re just getting the residue of what I’m going through personally. And for some reason, people that are following me can usually relate to what I’m dealing with. Whether it’s something to do with God or finances or whatever, I’m usually taking myself out of that worry and then tweeting you a remedy to get out of that worry. That’s just the truth. The bottom line is that you’re just hearing my thoughts. So it’s always me untangling myself and showing you how to untangle yourself and you just happen to be listening to what’s going on inside of my mind. So I just started tweeting it out and I realized so many people are dealing with the same issues I was dealing with. I wake up every morning, I fix my issues and I tweet it out.

You have been a great example of fatherhood. What is the basic message that you would want to give young fathers who are trying to figure out how to be a good father?

It’s just about being there. It’s not so much about supporting them financially it’s about listening and hearing. I always say, “Listen to the whispers so you don’t have to hear the screams.” And you will hear the screams if you don’t understand what they’re dealing with. So before it becomes a bigger snowball listen to it when it’s just a snowflake.


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  1. lilkunta on November 21, 2015 at 3:49 pm

    run excuse me daniel needs to sit down. he (and tyrese) trying to give advice when their sht is not right
    daniel another one of your kids [jojo the one already busted fro marijuna) is having a baby without being married. #SITDOWN.
    Tyrese, you stalked and harrased your ex and tried to talke custody from her. #SITDOWN.
    How you goin advice when your own sht aint right? –From mya’s song ‘How You Gonna Tell Me’ from her album ‘Fear Of Flying’