Top 25 Women of Atlanta: Courtney Anderson


Courtney Anderson

Assistant Professor of Law

Georgia State University College of Law


Vibe Ride

Courtney Anderson’s success derives from the perfect balance of being both brainy and athletic. She’s not only an outstanding assistant professor of law at Georgia State University College of Law, but she also owns Vibe Ride, a stylish indoor cycling boutique. Although Anderson’s hard work has made her a powerful force, she remains humble.

“Power is a side effect of hard work, intuition and collaboration,” she says. “It should not be the end that one seeks, or a leadership method. Power should be complementary to your work ethic and should motivate your team.”

While she says her interest in academics and “willingness to learn from others” is what drew her to the path of excellence she’s currently on, she insists that what keeps her there is staying humble, being humorous, and having heart.

“Following your passion and allowing your sense of kindness and morality to drive your work ethic breathes life into the difficult tasks of any occupation,” Anderson explains.

When asked what motivates her to keep going, she affectionately answers, “my mother,” whom she says at 70 years old “remains active and dedicated to faith and family.”

“She still likes to learn and meet new people and provides a great example of quiet power and inner drive,” she continues.

Anderson believes that anyone can be a winner in their career with the right mindset.

“Finding the perfect mix between formal education, the education you get from others who have been in your position, and the ability to learn from those who have a skill you admire can create a powerful foundation for a career,” she says.

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