White teenager wears KKK hood and Confederate flag to high school

photo: @spacemanlozo Twitter

A White teenager decided to dress in a KKK hood and carry a Confederate flag to his high school. However, he was not sent to jail.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the incident occurred at East Coweta High School.

The photo of the White teenager was retweeted by former student at the high school who was appalled by the photo. After the photo went viral, the school’s principal sent a letter parents which claimed that the student was punished. The letter also suggested that there was never a threat at the high school.

However, the incident was a threat and should have been treated as a criminal matter. Posing as a member of the KKK is as serious as claiming to be a member of ISIL. The teen should be treated as a suspected terrorist and anyone who assisted him should also face criminal charges.

Similar to ISIL terrorists, the intention of racism is to impose views on others even if it means harming those who are seen as enemies. Those in the KKK should be placed on the terrorist list and face prosecution. Until racism in all forms are made illegal, this nation will continue to suffer.

East Coweta High’s principal says the incident continues to be investigated.

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