Chicago police shooting Black teen sparks protests following video release: ’16 shots!’

Laquan McDonald protest

Chicago protesters take to the streets following the release of the Dashcam video of the vicious shooting of a Black teen. The death of Laquan McDonald; the 17-year-old was killed by the Chicago police officer in October 2014. The officer was on the scene for 30 seconds before shooting the teen who was moving away from the cops while wielding a knife.

Chicago’s streets are filled with protesters who are expressing their discontent with the methodology and the inexplicable denial of rights to both the young man and those who do not and still do not understand Black Lives Matter is a movement of truth for the country. The protest was an immediate reaction to the video being released which had been suppressed for over a year by the police department. The police officer unloaded 16 shots into the innocent victim. The streets are full of young and old protesters who want a resolution and a true investigation of the entire process and system. The mayor of Chicago has held private meetings prior to the video release.He met privately and behind closed doors with ministers and community activists to discuss the process and the contents of this totally brutal, bombastic murder done by Chicago police officer. It could be seen as a methodology to suppress information while preparing for the protest.

Laquan Smith

The Chicago officer, Jason Van Dyke, is white. He was charged Tuesday with first-degree murder in McDonald’s death and is being held without bond.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy acknowledged that residents “have a right to be angry.”

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