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Actor Sean Baker stars in film ‘Take Over Your Trap,’ 2 Chainz makes a cameo


One of the hottest hip-hop labels in the south has entered the film game. Street Execs, known for acts like 2 Chainz , Travis Porter, Young Dolph, Cap 1 and Bankroll Fresh, recently shot a short film in Atlanta titled, Take Over Your Trap. In addition to being laced with Atlanta-bred hip-hop artists, it highlights NY born, ATL-based actor Sean Baker, who was cast in a lead role in the controversial flick.

Take Over Your Trap is about a pastor, my character, and the neighborhood trap boy, who is played by Bankroll Fresh. As the movie plays out, you see the worlds are very similar. They soon collide when Bank starts seeing the pastor’s Daughter. Pastor’s true character is revealed, which equates to him being at odds with Bankroll and their end up going against each other to take over the trap,” explains Baker.

In Take Over Your Trap, the Black church [is pitted] against the drug culture. It’s both symbolic and clever as both sides have historically influenced the community, regardless of their polar opposite agendas. While many have viewed the church as a safe haven and even champion against the Black community’s ills, especially in relation to drugs and violence, others have voiced a lack of faith in the Black church  [and that it doesn’t] do much besides victimize parishioners in a different form. There is a longstanding distrust between Black men and the business-driven pastors that appear hell bent on collecting monies from impoverished members under the guise of hope for deferred prosperity. Baker’s character in the film is an example of a pastor using his power and influence over his congregation to hide his money hungry agenda – one he points an accusatory finger at the local dope boys.

“This character was so conflicting, living not a double, but a triple life. I’ve played criminal roles before, but this was an interesting and refreshing one with a twist. Writer and producer Alan Parks had a great idea.”

Sean & 2 Chainz

Rapper 2 Chainz and actor Sean Baker (photo credit Christal Jordan for Steed Media Service)

Street Execs held a private premiere on November 25, 2015 at the Midtown arts center in Atlanta.

Baker says there are many channels to distribute films that he’s certain the producers are weighing their options. “From theaters to television and of course DVDs there are so many creative ways to release content, especially when there is a built in fan base,” Baker says.

2 Chainz and Bankroll Fresh fans alike are sure to be excited to see their favorite rappers in the film. “Bank Roll Fresh, has a main role and was really great to work with; he always had a great attitude on set, I think he definitely  enjoyed the filming/acting  process. 2 Chainz came in and did what he does naturally  as a Boss, he pretty much played himself,”Baker explains.

Baker says it was a great experience working with Street Execs and the artists in the film. “What we do is art regardless if I am helping to tell a story or if they are in the studio creating music. Art is art. My goal is to inspire and encourage others, regardless of what role I play.”