‘Being Mary Jane’ shows a love life in turmoil; Jack A. Daniels weighs in

Being Mary Jane - Photo Credit Courtesy of BET website
(Photo courtesy of BET website) 

BET Network did not disappoint when it came to the unpredictable antics of Gabrielle Union’s character of Mary Jane. Season three of “Being Mary Jane” started off great with MJ eating a much-needed piece of humble pie. We watched as MJ’s neighbor turned “cutty buddy” became a confidant, listener and much more than just a sex partner; especially when MJ had bruises on her face from her horrible car accident.

We thought the tragedy from this experience would tame Mary Jane and not have her walk around with that big chip on her shoulder. Why would a woman of her stature need a “cutty buddy” in her life, anyway? Well, according to psychotherapist and relationship expert  “Jack A. Daniels” tweets:

Being Mary Jane Photo Credit: @Jackadaniels twitter
Photo credit: @Jackadaniels twitter

Companionship or Comfort?
Seems Mary Jane was latching on to her neighbor to pacify some deep wounds and hurt feelings of rejection from a past relationship that she wasn’t ready to face head-on. Perhaps the comfort they (MJ and “Cutty Buddy”) could have offered each other should’ve developed into a beautiful relationship until the neighbor’s secret was revealed: he’s epileptic. Then, he could’e used MJ’s comfort, but she turned a cold shoulder and went back to looking for “love in the club”: again, running from resolving relationship issues.

Being Mary Jane Photo Credit: @Jackadaniels twitter
Photo credit: @Jackadaniels twitter

She was trying something different like looking for love in a sex club with a Caucasian man but that was just  another temporary fix. Then she moves onto another pacifier. Mary Jane considers purchasing a new Tesla, an expensive handbag and buying expensive shoes to match her new clothes. Is that the happiness she needs?

Being Mary Jane Photo Credit: @Jackadaniels twitter
Photo credit: @Jackadaniels twitter

Last week “Being Mary Jane” may have shown us the most volatile side of MJ we will see this season. After trying to be so strong when it came to rejection in relationships, the search for real happiness was still inevitable. It was time for Mary Jane to confess a dark truth to her dad about a past abortion she had gone through. Mary Jane seems to be recognizing maybe the only love and validation she was really searching for was the love and support of her dad: the love she has observed him give to her younger sister, who makes all the wrong decisions in life and still garners the entire family’s support. What is Mary Jane taking note of?

Being Mary Jane Photo Credit: @Jackadaniels twitter
Photo credit: @Jackadaniels twitter

These were some great tweets. Relationship therapist Jack A. Daniels, known as the King of Breakthroughs, sheds very good perspective on not only the actions of fictional character Mary Jane; but perhaps we all see our single selves searching for love and the remedy to our void for a meaningful relationship in all the wrong places. Perhaps it all starts in the home. A parent’s love and support can give us all the motivation we need to get through whatever obstacles we encounter especially in the ability to love and see what we are doing wrong to receive the love we desire. See the important tweet after the break.

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