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Health » Fitness guru Corey Walker explains why sugar is not sweet

Fitness guru Corey Walker explains why sugar is not sweet


Photo courtesy of Corey Walker

This holiday season we all face the challenge of overeating and indulging far more than we normally do.  Fitness guru Corey Walker shares information that will certain enlighten and empower you.

What is the real deal about sugar?

Who am I, everyone loves me, I’m everywhere you go and I hurt everyone I come in touch with. After a few guesses you find yourself puzzled, well it’s simple. The answer is sugar, maltose, rice syrup, glucose, corn syrup or any one of the 50 plus names that they have. Sugar is smooth because it’s so good and it’s almost perfect for any recipe when it comes to taste and or texture. It’s just as much a factor when it comes to the negatives of it too. Sugar usage on regular basis could lead to many different problems toward your teeth, heart and belly fat. Excessive sugar usage over time can lead to affecting the pumping mechanism of the heart and eventually heart failure. Approximately half of the people diagnosed with heart failure die within five years.

There’s no doubt that sugar specifically promotes belly fat. From children to adults, the obesity rate and high blood pressure rates have doubled within the last 30 years. The biggest contributor to this problem is excessive usage of sugar, especially the ingredient fructose. Fructose is in almost anything processed and not made from real food. Fructose is the culprit in your belly fat. If you just simply cut down your sugar consumption down to only 6 a.m. to noon you will witness a tremendous change just from no sugar.

Many people believe that you can’t gain weight from drinking liquids besides alcohol. That is not true, soda is a serial killer when it comes to weight gain and fat gains. Soda is pretty much food coloring, sugar, sugar, sugar and just a tad bit of water. Also, diet soda is just as dangerous as [regular] soda. Each gram of sugar holds 4 calories , so next time you have a soda, multiply the sugar by 4 and compare that to the total calories in the soda and you will be amazed.

Can we stay away from sugar?

It’s almost impossible to completely stay away from sugar altogether, but we can control when and how much we ingest. Make subtle changes like no sodas for two weeks, or no sweets after noon or even no alcohol for a month. You won’t be perfect or get it right the first time, but [with] consistent effort over a prolonged time, you will eventually find your [happy] medium.


  1. shellyTheGreat on November 30, 2015 at 1:52 pm

    he’s right, cut out soda. if you drink soda, go to whole foods and get the natural ones with natural sugar cane, but those shouldn’t be had very often either.

    • guest on December 2, 2015 at 10:12 am

      Yes I try to stay away from high fructose corn syrup but they seem to put it in everything! You really have to read labels carefully but even then they don’t list all of the ingredients.