Sonya Miller accuses Master P of abuse

Master P/YouTube Screenshot
Master P/YouTube Screenshot

We thought things in the famous Miller family couldn’t get worse after Sonya Miller sued her son Romeo Miller for allegedly helping his dad, Master P, hide his funds from her during their nasty divorce battle. However, things have taken yet another dark turn in the family scandal as Sonya has reportedly accused P of abuse.

According to TMZ, a judge granted Sonya a temporary restraining order back in October and in the court documents Sonya claims that “long ago” she got into an altercation with her ex-husband in which he struck her in the face and dragged her across the floor. Sonya claims the incident left her in the hospital afterwards.

Sonya also alleges that P is using his money and influence against her and that he’s “brainwashed” their kids to turn against her.

For now, P must stay 100 yards away from Sonya and a hearing will be held today to make the restraining order permanent.

P spoke with TMZ about the order and said, “I will pray for my ex. This is a sad day for our family, but we will get past this. After 5 years, all her attorneys can come up with are false accusations.”

P then compared his relationship with Sonya to that of “Empire’s” Cookie and Lucious Lyon and claimed that he wishes Sonya was more like Cookie.

“I wish I had Cookie off the TV show [“Empire”] … my ex wife is just Cookie Monster,” P said.

At this point, could this situation get any worse for the Miller family?

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