Celebrities who go to bat for Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Earlier this week, Donald Trump gathered with more than 100 Black ministers at his Trump Tower for a meeting that lasted about 2½ hours. “It went longer only because of the love. It didn’t go longer for other reasons,” Trump gushed, as close to 20 ministers gathered around him at an impromptu press conference. “There were unbelievable solutions, I think, to problems that we will solve that other people won’t be able to solve.”

Soon after, several faith leaders, including Omarosa Manigault, (an ordained minister in Los Angeles) went to bat for the presidential candidate, alleging he’s not the man the media has painted him to be. “Donald Trump is committed to the Black community,” said Manigault.

But not everyone welcomed Trump with open arms. Bishop Orrin Pullings Sr. of Virginia added that he urged Trump to change his tone when touching on controversial subjects such as race. “We expressed to Mr. Trump that in order to win people in our congregations … you’re going to have to change the rhetoric and tone down the things that you say that seem demeaning to people.”

Meanwhile, Rev. Al Sharpton told leaders to be wary of wolves in sheep’s clothing. “They should have a real meeting or admit that they are just props in a Trump play or Trump presser or a Trump photo op,” he said Monday.

And while Trump never mentioned how many endorsements he picked up during meeting, one thing is for sure, the community is still on the fence when it comes to the Donald.

Sure, he’s had a variety of endorsements from reality stars to athletes to actors, but for many, his crude comments regarding immigration have left potential voters torn. Other, have stood by Trump despite his antics and are proud supporters. For a look at some of the businessman and reality TV star’s biggest celebrity endorsements, hit the flip.

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