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Future hit with a lawsuit


Source: Youtube/FutureVEVO

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before … popular music artist agrees to do do a show, accepts performance deposit from promoter, fails to show up for the gig, then refuses to return the deposit money.

Sound familiar?

That scenario has been happening in the music world since the onset of touring, but the latest incident to make the news has a bit of a twist to it. Future is being sued by a Louisiana promoter for allegedly collecting a $15,000 deposit then skipping out on the show, but Future’s camp says the rapper was there.

According to TMZ, promoter Robert Caillier has filed suit against the Dirty Sprite 2 rapper with claims that his no-show cost the promoter approximately $150,000 in anticipated profits.

Reps for Future claim that rapper did, in fact, take the stage as agreed upon, but was pulled from the stage by his management upon learning that Caillier did not have the full agreed upon performance fee.

Various sources report that the Atlanta-based rapper commands $150,000 for a 45-minute performance.

Caillier is suing for the anticipated profit lost plus the deposit paid to the rapper.