San Bernardino mass shooting; 2 suspects killed

San Bernardino Mass Shooting (image Source Twitter @NBCNEWS)
San Bernardino mass shooting (Source: Twitter @NBCNEWS)

The horrific mass shooting that killed 14 people and injured at least 17 injured  in San Bernardino, California, ended with two suspects being killed during a gun battle with police.

This latest massacre is the worst mass shooting since the Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012. The shooting took place at the Inland Regional Center for the developmentally disabled, were a county holiday party was taking place. Multiple witnesses state that a dispute occurred and a man left the party and returned shortly thereafter with two other people. The suspects were dressed in black tactical gear that may have included body armor. Armed with AR-15 assault rifles and handguns, they sprayed the room with gunfire.

When the police responded, they were met with heavy gunfire as the shooters escaped in a Black SUV. While police were giving chase, the suspects threw multiple pipe bombs at the police and left an improvised explosive device, or IED at the scene of the shooting.The police were able to track the vehicle back to their home. They were able to stop the vehicle and during the gun battle, a male and female suspect were killed.The fact that a tactically trained female shooter was involved has raised questions for police. It is rare that a female engages in a mass shooting.

At this time law enforcement officials believe that the attack was premeditated and the man who was arguing was making sure the intended targets were in the room. The FBI and Homeland Security personnel are on the scene and have stated that there is a possibility that this was an act of terrorism.  An FBI spokesman said they are readjusting their investigation as more specialized forensic teams are en route to the scene. At this time it is unknown what the focus of this attack was. Law enforcement officials have stated that evidence so far has indicated that the suspects had monitored police response times and had police scanners. It was apparent to the police that the shooters were well trained and used tactical maneuvers and signals during their attack. Police are searching for the possible third suspect.

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