Black Lives matter to Batman as he takes on bad cops in new comic series

Batman III: Master Race (Image Source: Twitter@DC Ccomics

The DC Comics superhero Batman is known for taking matters into his own hands when faced with injustice. But the latest upcoming issue has put Batman squarely into the Black Lives Matter movement. In the new graphic novel Dark Knight III: The Master Race, a black teen is walking down a dark Gotham City street when he is confronted by two police officers. The teen texts his friend, “Getting arrested.” The friend texts back asking why and the teen texts replies, “The man don’t need a reason.” The next panels of the comic show two Gotham City officers with their guns drawn, ready to shoot down the teen as he turns to run. Instead of hearing bullets, he hears the sounds of fighting as Batman swoops into the scene and delivers a beat down on the two officers.

The creator of the comic series is esteemed artist Frank Miller who spawned the title “The Dark Knight” for Batman after a series of famous graphic novels that he drew almost 25+ years ago. Miller stated about this new work, “Part of my job is to provoke. That means I’m getting your interest [Batman] is, politically, radical and a revolutionary out to overthrow a corrupt police state. It’s a very patriotic and loyal-to-the-law kind of story, but the established authorities were doing the wrong thing, so it took an outlaw to bring justice.”

The panels from the comic can be seen below:

From Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1

 From Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 (Image Source: Twitter @restlessbit)
From Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 (Image Source: Twitter @restlessbit)
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