Reggie C Fitness shares weight loss tips for staying on track during the holidays

Photo courtesy of Reggie Collier Signature Physiques

Name: Reggie Collier

Company: Signature Physiques

What’s your fitness journey?
After I graduated from undergrad I started working long hours sitting behind a desk then eating and drinking more at happy hour. Before I knew it, I had gained 20 to 30 pounds in the first two years. One day, I saw a picture of myself and thought “that can’t be me.” I made the decision right then and there to change my own physique. I decided to train part time and after my success some of my friends posted my weight loss pictures on social media and I started receiving messages from people who were looking to get in shape. Once I got my certification, I started training at parks and in my garage continuing to build my clientele from the ground up.

What made you focus on women instead of men?
I was training males and females in the beginning but I noticed that women had greater results. The women that I trained were willing to listen to me and follow me in the trenches when it came to trusting my process when it came to proper nutrition and transforming their lifestyles for the better. The men that I trained in the beginning would lose a couple of pounds and gain a few muscles and the ego boost would kick in. They start to believe that they know more than the trainer and it becomes a power struggle. I noticed that my female clients were getting really good weight loss results so I started posting pictures of those first clients and that drew more women. Before I knew it, that became my clientele.

Tell me about the 30-day challenge.
The 30-day challenge is a challenge that I created to make my clients participate in a certain amount of cardio, training sessions and boot camps on a regular basis. The 30-day challenge focuses on the client losing as much weight as they can in a healthy way without the dependency of any pills, supplements or liquid fads. The goal is to teach my clients how to live productively and get used to the effort that they have to put in to get the results that they need. Each day, I post a new daily challenge on my YouTube page that consists of 30 minute workouts, 4 to 5 days a week and after 30 days we pick a winner.

What tips can you give to those looking to stay on track during the holidays?
1. People have to realize that the world is your gym. You do not need a gym membership to workout. There’s so much that you can do in 15 to 20 min if you take advantage of the space and items that you have. For those who may be sitting around the house and snacking more than usual during the holidays, I provide various at home body weight exercises on my Instagram that they should check out.

2. Make sure that you have healthy snacks with you if you are going over to your family and friends’ houses for a party. This allows you to snack smarter and not get so hungry that you overeat at dinner or make poor food choices.

3. Stay away from cranberry sauces, fruits, cakes and other sugary dishes. If you have to get in those sweets try to eat them before 9 a.m. in the morning so that you can digest it and your body can metabolize it in your system so it doesn’t sit on your stomach overnight.

See client results in the photo gallery below.

Photo courtesy of Reggie Collier Signature Physiques

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