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Master P and son Romeo stopped by talk show “The Real” to discuss his soon-to-be ex and the very public divorce the family is currently going through. Romeo even reveals how his parents’ divorce inspired his new project, Fighting Monsters, due out in January.

Master P and Romeo talk messy divorce on ‘The Real’

TJ Armour

TJ Armour

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  1. cupcake333 on December 4, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    drug test both of them????? thats proof he is still trying to call this woman a addict, and who dont have a little weed here and there , we know master pee smokes weed and drink now why is a woman needing to be held to some superior mother tereasa status to get her children , he want those kids so he didnt have to pay sonja to maintain them. he would be broke if he didnt have joint custody ,but she won against him already he has to pay her so much a month now and that aint no drop in the bucket , THE JUDGE SAW THROUGH HIS TACTIC TO PAINT HER AS AN ADDICT TO WIN HIS CASE HE BETTER SHUT UP AND STAY OFF THESE SHOWS DOING DAMAGE CONTROL IS NO BUENO RIGHT NOW .. ROMEO NEED TO CHILL TOO HIM AND HIS WHITE CHICK. . thats proof how screwed up he is , no offense he just had better black female picks .. he hates black women because of master pee. hating his black wife….. he will end up with a white woman too watch andsee.., he is so sad to me. always trying to prove something.

    • robin ess on December 7, 2015 at 1:12 am

      True! I seen those instagram posts and how thirsty Romeo is, but it shows the type of girl she is. Romeo sounds like a sick in the head chicken that a sorry white chick took up to ‘fix’. He’s probably her supplier too, we know them white girls love the weed. I feel sorry for him, he’s being pitied and don’t know it yet. Nobody cares who he wants to shack up with really, he’s still a fool and sounds like one. Let them go to the white girls, I got me a perfect 10 black woman thanks to the uncle Tom’s who sold out.