Rick Ross takes a shot at Drake on new song

Rick Ross
Source: YouTube/RickRossVEVO, Instagram/@MeekMll and @intice

Though some liken it to a kid getting beat up and going to get his older brother involved, it looks as though Rick Ross has come to the rescue of Meek Mill in his (once thought to be over with) battle with Drake.

A new track called “Color Money” from Rozay’s upcoming album, Black Market, hit the internet this week and it surely sounds like the MMG Boss is sending some shots towards the 6 God with these bars:

Color money got your b—h out on a world tour
My lil’ homie made a million on his girl’s tour
We back to back and down to wack a n—a unborn
Miami n—a got ’em changin’ all they gun laws
So run Forrest, got some shooters and they down, too
I got more money then that n—a that you signed to

The word on the street is there is an additional reference to Drizzy’s “0-100/ The Catch Up” buried within the song that you can hear with enough attention.

On another track from the album called “Dope D–k,” Ross perhaps takes another swipe at the OVO leader when he raps, “No shots but I write all of my raps,” an obvious reference to Meek’s claims that Drake frequently uses ghostwriters.

Granted, Meek is signed to Ross’ label, the attack on Drake is somewhat of a surprise as Ross and Drizzy have collaborated on a number of songs together over the years including “Ashton Martin Music”, “I’m On One”, “Lord Knows”, “No New Friends”, and “Stay Schemin’.”

Apparently, all really is fair in love and war.

Perhaps the most hilarious twist in this series of events is Drake’s unlikely mouth piece, Canadian politician Norm Kelly. He was very vocal at the height of the Drake and Meek battle and he made it known he did not appreciate Rick Ross’ shots at Drake. Check out his hilarious tweet below.


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