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Blush Fashion Masquerade

The Blush Fashion Masquerade was held at the Yacht Club Social Network inside the Russel Industrial Center in Detroit. Michelle Bundy, with the support from Brian Walker created this event so that people would see a different side of fashion from those individuals who may not be in the in-crowd but should definitely be known. Bundy believes in unity, supporting one another’s business ventures, as well as family. This is why she has gathered individuals that she is close to and believes in to work hand in hand with her. What seemed to be amateur models hit the Runway, or should I say the walk way seeing that the “runway” was just a plain wedding runner with a stage light at the end. Though the setting appeared unrefined, the pieces of art, as the designers called them were ravishing!

“My clothes aren’t for the wife, but for the mistress,” says the Ravage collection designer. He was inspired by his grandmother as well as Michelle to step out of the box and pursue something that he was good at. Though skeptical at first, he took on the challenge and Ravage was born.

“These aren’t your everyday clothes; these are clothes you wear one time to an event to make a statement,” replied designer of Basha Boyd when he was asked about his style. He grew up watching his grandmother sow and began making his own clothes. He believes his clothes are different and only different people will wear them, rock them, and be able to pull it off. Basha Boyd plans on doing random walks of fashion in downtown Detroit where models will stop and begin a spontaneous fashion show.

In the end, the models presented these designs with fierceness, grace, and poise. Bundy, better known by her designer name B.Originale,  plans on continuing this event annually hoping to gain momentum, exposure, experience, and designers to keep this show on the road.