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‘Hit the Floor’ star Rob Riley talks African Pride at Family Dollar Fabulous event

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Photo Credit: Steed Media Services

Rob Riley can be seen regularly on VH1’s hit TV drama series “Hit The Floor” playing the handsome Terrence Wall and he’s also appeared on Tyler Perry’s “Better or Worse” and the movie The Bourne Legacy. Recently, he hosted the African Pride Curl Crush Experience at Family Dollar’s Fabulous event that was held in Atlanta. Rolling out got the deets on Rob working with African Pride and what it means to be fabulous.

How are you? 
I am fantastic.

What brings you to this event?
Well, I’m hosting the Curl Crush brought to you by African Pride, where we celebrate black women and all their beautiful curls, wearing your hair the way it is. I’ve got something to take care of everybody.

How long have you been working with African Pride?
Not too long. It’s really recent, but hopefully it continues from here on out. I mean, I grew up in Flatbush, Brooklyn and I didn’t have a lot of money growing up, so stores like Family Dollar made it so that we could survive. Hair products like African Pride provides, which are kind of inexpensive (I’d say $7 and under), something that’s affordable and caters to all of us. So … why spend $40-$50 if you can spend about $7 and get a quality product?

African Pride doesn’t just cater to women, right? I’ve known for years that it’s a good product for us but do they have products for men, as well?
[Yes, they do.]. I’m using some of their Shea Butter on my beard, keeps it nice and soft …

In addition to everything with African Pride. What does fabulous mean to you?
What does fabulous mean to me? Um, just, you know, being at your best. And fabulous is literally that. Being at your best. Whatever that is, which changes from day to day. But as long as you’re at your best, I can say you’re fabulous.

So, where can we find you, Rob?
Well, you can find me right here. Right now. Social media? @RobRileyNYC or @HollywoodMassive, which is my new production company. That’s Instagram and Twitter … all the good stuff.

Thank you
You’re very welcome.

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