Lark Voorhies’ rep makes shocking claim about her health

Lark Voorhies/YouTube Screenshot
Lark Voorhies/YouTube screenshot

Last week, fans got a shock when troubled star Lark Voorhies claimed in a lengthy Instagram post that her infamous appearance over the past few years has been due to her being diagnosed with lupus. However, a rep for the actress recently spoke out and claimed that Voorhies actually doesn’t have the disease.

In a statement to People, Voorhies’ rep explained that someone hacked her account and made the fake post about Voorhies being diagnosed with lupus in 2007.

“Lark has never been diagnosed with lupus. It’s upsetting her that people are coming out about it,” the rep said. “She doesn’t want to be perceived as someone faking an illness.”

The rep also said that Voorhies doesn’t have an Instagram account.

“There are several unverified Instagram accounts that are not hers,” the rep said, adding, “and somebody has hacked her Twitter account to the point she is shutting it down.”

Last week, Voorhies may have also claimed on her alleged Twitter page that the person hacking her accounts is her ex-husband, Jimmy Green.

Lark Voorhies - Hacking Tweets

Lark Voorhies - Hacking Tweets 2

At this point, we’re not sure who’s managing Voorhies’ social media accounts, but we’re glad the truth about her health has finally been verified.

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