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Black teen jailed for wearing sagging pants was just another way to criminalize Black youth


Photo: via Facebook

Two Black teens in Tennessee were jailed for wearing sagging pants. According to reports by WNCN, Antonio Ammons and another teen were in high school when a school resource officer noticed them wearing sagging pants.

But instead of allowing the students to be disciplined by school administrators, Officer Charles Woods decided to make it a criminal case. Woods arrested Ammons and another teen while they were at Bolivar Central High and charged them with indecent exposure.

Ammons, who didn’t have a criminal record, was forced to remain in jail for 48 hours because his family didn’t have enough money to pay the bond. Moreover, he was in a jail cell with adult males who had committed more severe offenses.

Charles Woods also charged the teen with an offense that does not constitute jail time. It’s not considered indecent exposure when a person wears sagging pants in Tennessee.

But Officer Woods found another way to criminalize a Black youth who didn’t deserve to be placed in the system. Ammons now has a criminal record for a charge that should have never been allowed to be implemented. Woods abused his power and what is really an indictment against Black youth culture.

Along with having a criminal record, Ammons must find a way to earn $250 for court costs and fines.


  1. FuZ on December 13, 2015 at 4:45 pm

    That’s wrong. I work for a transit agency in the Bay Area (CA). I won’t even consider answering a question if someone’s pants is sagging to the point of arse cheeks are showing. And I tell them straight up, “We ain’t effin, I don’t and many more don’t want to see your drawls.” Believe it or not, they’ve pulled them up and some may have apologized.
    It’s a disgusting look that needs to be stopped. But jail time, especially since that’s where the culture originated from, isn’t the answer. A record and fines doesn’t help him.

    • guest on December 14, 2015 at 12:44 pm

      I thought the fad would disappear once they stopped wearing the baggy pants but some how they still have pants hanging off their arse in skin tight jeans!

    • ThaRealist StudioGangster on December 1, 2016 at 2:17 pm

      I agree and disagree. A big problem in the black community is this idea that certain laws are stupid, shouldn’t be applied to them and, can be broken. This passed on thinking has to stop are the 40% of America’s 2.2 million inmates are African American males will increase to 50%. I hope more states crack down on this because at this point it out o control.

  2. VLF on December 17, 2015 at 7:27 am

    I’ve survived baggy pants styles and I’m old enough to remember that the tight pants were early pioneers of Hip Hop fashioning them. But the sagging to the point of revealing yourself is this generations zoot suit, backwards jeans etc…that being said I too dislike the movement but for someone to be incarcerated that is unlawful. I hope an attorney will help them pro bono with this farce of a case and I hope the family garners the strength it will take to sue the school system. Its going to be a long process and the enemy preys on your impatience and perseverance.

  3. toosweety9 on November 23, 2016 at 11:59 am

    It is so unfortunate that now our young men are going to be targeted once again by these cocky bigoted cops with this incoming president and the despicable “law and order” BS!!!! We are going to really have to reach out to our young men (and women) and educate them on the politics and the judicial system of this country and how to abide by the rules and not subject themselves to unnecessary harassment, ridicule and/or abuse.

    They must now realize that times are changing and not for the better. This society is attempting to take us back “pre-civil rights” days which they have no knowledge of. I hope they are able to get an attorney who will represent them pro-bono and get these bogus charges dropped!!