Sheree Whitfield takes on new cast member on tonight’s ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Sheree Whitfield & Tammy Browning Photo Credit Jonell Media PR via Steed Media
Sheree Whitfield and Tammy Browning (Photo credit: Jonell Media PR via Steed Media)

Everyone’s whispering about what might happen between Sheree Whitfield and Tammy McCall Browning on tonight’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” Browning is Sheree’s ex-husband’s Bob Whitfield’s alleged best friend. Clearly Sheree would have known of any so-called best female friends her ex-husband would have had while they were married. Unfortunately, the only female friends Sheree recalls are the ones who were smiling in her face in her home posing as friends but behind her back other alleged activities were taking place.

Tammy McCall Browning Photo Credit: Tumblr
Tammy McCall Browning (Photo credit: Tumblr)

Tonight we anticipate Browning’s response to Whitfield’s question ( as seen in last week’s cliffhanger); did you ever mess around with my ex-husband, Bob?  However, Browning’s answer may or may not be as interesting as finding out why her alleged new best friend Glen Rice Jr. accompanied her on a Miami trip with the ladies. Hopefully, tonight’s episode will go into detail of why for some odd reason Kenya Moore demands that Rice leave. What mischief could the plus one of the plus one aka Cynthia’s stray have caused in such a short period of time?

Clearly, Browning didn’t warn Rice of his expected behavior in the presence her cast mates.

Phaedra Parks Photo Credit: Tumblr
Phaedra Parks (Photo credit: Tumblr)

Let’s revisit some of the reasons Browning started to receive the cold shoulder from the ladies.

  1. Upon meeting Kandi for the first time it appeared Tammy expected that Kandi would remember her from an introduction 20 years in the past #epicfail – greeting
  2. Bombarding Kandi with business talk about her son’s future in music and insinuating she could get “the hook up” since discussion of no budget came into play. #epicfail – bad timing
  3. Gossiping with the ladies about her thoughts on Sheree’s “reason for marrying Bob Whitfield in the first place.” #epicfail – speaking about a subject she has no knowledge of.
  4. The distasteful joke referring to her husband as “Nazi White” #epicfail bad joke
  5. Impersonating a 45-year-old woman who has no idea of what hip lingo sounds like #shade means (all while administering umbrellas to the entire island to prepare for the shade she attempted to throw on Sheree Whitfield.

Perhaps if Browning understood the proper behavior for a plus one, then she would have been able to prevent Glen Rice Jr. from being asked to leave. Tune in tonight as we find out if Rice leaves; and if Browning answers the Whitfield’s question. We will also find out who gets hurt on the Miami trip and ends up being carried away in an ambulance. Hint *it’s not Cynthia Bailey nor Porsha; and no, Kandi’s water didn’t break.

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