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Dru Hill wins huge settlement from former record label

Dru Hill

Source: YouTube/DruHillVEVO

With this latest episode now behind them, 90’s R&B favorites Dru Hill can certainly attest that the road to a huge comeback can sometimes be a rocky one.

The Baltimore, Maryland based quartet recently won a default ruling that pitted them against their record company, Kedar Entertainment, after the group accused the label of mishandling a pair of comeback albums and costing them thousands in royalties that they were set to make.

The group was awarded a $1 million settlement by a New York federal judge after the record company failed to respond to the breach of contract lawsuit filed against them.

According to the suit, the group signed deals for both 2010’s InDRUpendence Day and Sisqo’s solo effort from earlier this year, Last Dragon, and were promised that Kedar would spend at least $300K promoting each release but the company fell short of the agreement, causing the group to lose potential album sales, concert bookings, and publishing revenue. The group also claims they never received any of their agreed upon advance money at the start of either project.

In addition to the million dollar settlement, Kedar must also release the group from their contract.

Established in 1995 by industry veteran Kedar Massenburg, Kedar Entertainment had a hand in the rise of the genre known as neo-soul and helped launch the careers of a number of high profile acts including D’Angelo and Erykah Badu.


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