Grandmother smuggles drugs into prison after her son is bullied by fellow inmates

Photo: via Shuttershock

A grandmother decided to become a drug smuggler to protect her son from bullies. According to reports by Edmonton Journal, Linda Ethal Sheridan, 62, received a phone call from an anonymous man.

The man threatened to kill her son who is serving time in an Edmonton prison for a home invasion. The person told the woman that he knew where she lived and would also harm her family if she did not follow through with his plan. Days later, a packaged arrived at her doorsteps which contained several condoms filled with heroin, meth, and heroin.

Sheridan said she feared for her son’s life and the safety of her family. She inserted the drugs into her vagina and took her 10-year-old granddaughter to the prison. But when she was arrived at the prison, a drug-sniffing dog detected drugs. They also found cigarettes in bra. In all, the woman had over $12,000 worth of drugs in her possession.

But Sheridan’s case serves as a reminder of how drugs and violence continue to be a major part of prison society. In 2013, Black Guerrilla Family leader Tevon White controlled the Baltimore jail by impregnating female guards who smuggled drugs into the prison for him. He reportedly made thousands everyday through his illegal operation.

It’s likely that Sheridan’s son will have to be moved from the prison due to safety issues. Sheridan was arrested and charged with possession for the purpose of trafficking.

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