Master cosmetologist Pat Williams of Creme of Nature talks argan-infused products

Master cosmetologist Pat Williams of Creme of Nature talks argan-infused products
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Celebrity stylist, master cosmetologist and entrepreneur are all titles Pat Williams of Crème of Nature wears well. Williams has been in the hair industry for a while now, so she may know a thing or two about hair. Her celebrity client list boasts of notables such as Oprah Winfrey and world famous model Iman. Ariane Davis was fortunate to chat with Williams at the third annual Family Dollar Fabulous event in Atlanta. Williams shared some of her expert advice on hair care and the use of argan oil with the Crème of Nature products. Read what else she had to say below.

I am now joined by the legendary and lovely Ms. Pat Williams with Crème of Nature. Hi, Ms. Pat.
Hello. Thank you.

How are you? 
I am so excited to be here.

You look fabulous at this fabulous event.
Thank you! I feel great.

You look it. So, I know Crème of Nature. I used Crème of Nature as a kid. I haven’t used it in a long time, but can you give us a little insight about what’s new and what’s happening with Crème of Nature?
Crème of Nature has been around a long time. And Crème of Nature’s changed, and we’re always changing to blend with the trends. So, we know that hair is really making many trends. We have relaxed hair, we have natural hair, we have hair in transition. We have hair that’s being protected. So, Crème of Nature has products for all types of hair.

Right. Your hair is fabulous. It’s very, very nice.
Thank you.

Of course you use the product, as well.
Yes. I use the products. I actually also have an opportunity to test products. So, I see the products before they come to market. I work with consumers as well as hairstylists, so I’m very involved, and I’ve been with the company a long time.

And I can see that the packaging has changed, as well.

And how useful is this argan oil? I like it a lot.
Well, argan oil comes from Morocco. And argan is a rare fatty acid oil that hydrates the hair. It’s the number one hydrated moisturizer in the world at this time. It’s a little expensive because it’s in a little nut that takes a little while to be harvested. So, it’s a great hydrate for hair, but because it’s a little expensive it might stop us from having it infused in all of our products.

That’s awesome.
So, we have shampoos, conditioners, styling products, products for natural hair, as well as products for relaxed hair. Like I said, hair in transition. So if you have hair, or even if you don’t have hair we have a product for bald heads as well with argan.

Yes. Nice.
So, this is a wonderful product line. And we also have Crème of Nature with argan with hair color. It’s so many women of color are coloring their hair but they are afraid of color because color tends to dry out hair that’s textured.

And especially if it’s not taken care of properly.
Yes, so with our Crème of Nature hair color we have argan oil infused in that too so we’re getting hair color that’s also moisturizing the hair so that it doesn’t dry out. At Family Dollar, we sell good products: our shampoo, we sell our intensive conditioning treatment which is in individualized packets that conditions the hair deeply, internally and we sell a leave in conditioner and it’s for everybody. It’s for the mother, the father, the wife, the children, everybody can use the argan products because they’re very safe, no sulfates, sulfate free product so it’s good for all types of textures and hair.

That’s great. I mean, I’m all for the argan oil, so I commend Crème of Nature. How long have you been with the company?
Since 1994 as a consultant, and then I became Director of Education and then I started my own business again. So, I’m working now as brand ambassador, when I get to do the shows and talk to consumers and I love that because consumers and the bloggers here, oh my God they’re exceptional.

You’re very educational though, you know your stuff.
Well, I believe in the product. And I think that you have to be credible. You know, I won’t talk about something that I don’t believe in.

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