Did Meek Mill cheat in his court case?

Photo Credit: Meek Mill's Instagram (@meekmill)
Photo Credit: Meek Mill’s Instagram (@meekmill)

Meek Mill faced a mountain of problems last week as he’s been in a Philadelphia court defending himself against accusations that he violated his probation with unapproved traveling. Although it’s understandable that Meek wouldn’t be too fond of the D.A. in the case, a new report claims Meek feels the D.A. has been acting unfairly and that he’s being falsely accused of trying to cheat a drug test.

According to TMZ, during Meek’s appearance in court last Thursday, a lab tech testified that during a drug test, Meek gave a specimen that was allegedly a cup of cold water. However, Meek allegedly told the tech that his urine seemed like water because he’d just ingested a lot of water and the protein shakes he consumes make his urine appear like water.

Meek’s girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, also testified on Thursday and explained to the judge that Meek was telling the truth and had she known the shakes would make his urine sample seem suspicious she never would’ve let him take the shakes.

According to TMZ, sources close to Meek claim that he maintains he never provided a fake urine sample and the lab tech was present when the sample was taken, which eliminates the chance of him having filled the cup with water.

The sources also say Meek thinks the justice system is out to get him and that the Philly D.A. in the case is racist and has a grudge against him because of a tweet he posted about her last year.

“The D.A. on my case is a racist. I caught that case when I was 18, she’s still bothering me,” read Meek’s old tweet, which landed him in trouble with the law at the time.

Thankfully, whatever Meek’s personal thoughts really are of the D.A. and the judge, he hasn’t posted them on his social media pages and weakened his legal defense.

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