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Daylyt talks new joint holiday-themed album with fellow battle rap vet Mr2TheP


L to R: Daylyt and Mr2TheP. Photo: Tam Lam

Quite frankly, there’s no one in music today like Daylyt.

Without a doubt one of the most entertaining emcees the battle rap scene has ever known, the Watts, California native has also proven himself to be one of the best in the business when it comes to putting together boisterous bars to win over an audience. Despite legendary antics such as proclaiming he’d have sex with Diddy and attempting to defecate on stage during a battle, the rapper born Davone Campbell has gained the respect of both fans and critics alike because of his raw skill and advanced wordplay.

Looking to make the transition from battle rapper to recording artist, Daylyt recently teamed with notorious battle rapper Mr2TheP to form the duo known as Friday The 25th. Together, the pair will soon release their debut self-titled album led by the first single, “Xmas On The West.”

Rolling out recently caught up with Daylyt to talk about the upcoming album and what fans can expect.

How did you and Mr2TheP come together and decide to do a Christmas record?
We were actually already in the process of recording our project when we realized the industry shuts down for the holiday. So, then we thought why not take it upon ourselves to make a holiday album?

Tell us about the first single, “XMas on the West”?
We giving the West Coast a holiday single produced by West Coast legend Darren Vegas that will last for seasons to come. The concept was easy: what if Santa was black and drove a Low Low, popped the truck, and slang gifts for the low low?

What can fans expect from the album?
The album is covering all the bases of the holiday from the beginning with Black Friday to the end, which is New Years. All the stresses of coming up financially short for the holidays or having to travel or work during the holidays, etc. We touched on topics like when we found out Santa wasn’t real. We flipped classics like “Silent Night” and “Frosty” and more. All in all, this is more of an album influenced by the holidays than an all out holiday album. We have no major features on this album and the concept was basically to not make a corny holiday album.

Name three of your personal favorites from the album?
At the moment … I’m gonna have to go with “Frosty The Dope Man”, “All I Ever Wanted”, and “Xmas On The West.”

What’s next for Daylyt?
As of this year, I’m retired from battle rap. My focus is now on making this transition into a major artist.


The self-titled debut album from Friday The 25th drops Dec. 18.

For more information on the duo, please visit their website or connect with them on Instagram and Twitter: @DayLyt2k and @Mr2TheP