Organic eyebrow tinting all the rage at the Candy Brow Bar in Atlanta

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Any good make-up artist knows that the eyebrows may just be the most important part of completing a flawless look. And that’s no different for Candy Richardson, owner of the Candy Brow Bar located in Atlanta, GA. The Candy Brow Bar is a salon with a unique flair: they specialize in shaping eyebrows, eyebrow threading and waxing. But not your typical eyebrow shaping and waxing: per the website, their specialty is an ultramodern organic tinting process that creates art. Candy’s high profile clients include Atlanta socialites such as Kandi Burruss, Kim Zolciak, Tiny Harris and Toya Wright, who absolutely love her work.

Rolling out was able to find out all about this new technique when we sat down with Candy at the third annual Family Dollar Fabulous event recently held in Atlanta. Find out what else Candy had to say below.

Hello, everyone. I’m Ariane from rolling out TV and I’m sitting here right now with Candy. Hi, Candy.

Hi. How are you?

Wonderful. Candy owns a beautiful brow place, I’m sorry, brow bar in North Dekalb Mall, called Candy Brow Bar. Would you like to expound on what Candy Brow Bar is?

Our main focus is the brows, you know, we love to make women feel good. The best thing you can do is a woman’s brows. Once your brows are done, you don’t have to put on any make-up, you can just get up and go.

That’s so funny, I had that conversation this morning with my make-up artist because I’m a brow girl and I get my make-up done a lot. If a make-up artist can’t do a good brow, then you’re not a good make-up artist to me. I’m sorry.

Yeah, Yeah. I feel like your brows shape your face so, if they’re not looking good….the make-up could be flawless but, if your brows are wrong, everything’s wrong.

Yes, so, what do you guys specialize in, besides brows? Do you handle all the aesthetics of facials or just brows?

Our main focus is the brows so, we have tint; tint is a dye for the brows, it lasts up to two weeks. It’s a lot easier when you wake up in the morning and go to work, you don’t have to spend time doing your brows. What we take pride in, is our tint, it’s different from everybody else.

Do you guys use the henna? What base do you use? Because I go to someone that uses like a henna type tint.

It’s similar but, it’s not henna. It is called tint. If I would compare it to something, I would compare it to like a rinse, for your hair. So, it actually does dye the hair and it just fades away as the days go by. You can wash it, you can go swimming, it’s not going to drip or smear. I would compare it more so to a dye.

I’m going to come over there, check y’all out and try something different. I don’t mind trying new things.

Yea, you have to come. And then, with us we combine the tint with either waxing or threading. With us, our wax, we use a soy so, it’s still the wax method but, it’s a lot more gentle for the skin.

So, you’re here today with Fabulous Family Dollar. Do you shop at Family Dollar?

I do, I do. I get all of my snacks from Family Dollar. Yes, I’m not called, “Candy” for, you know, being sweet. No, I am, I am. Family Dollar is very convenient, you know, toiletries, snack for traveling, everything

Now as far as beauty products, do you ever go to the beauty products section in Family Dollar?

I do.

So, do you see any products that you would purchase there?

I do. I can’t say I use a lot of make-up, because you know, I’m not that good with “make-up” but I will when I have to do my little touch ups on my own … I go in there and get a few little products.

What products do you use for yourself?

I’m more so big on my tint because with that I don’t have to do anything else. I can look good if I’m sitting by a pool with no make-up on, or if I do add a little bit of make-up, my brows are already complete. With me, I’m really big on the tint right now.

So we’re here, and I want to know, what does fabulous mean to you?

Fabulous, to me, means being happy. It means you can feel like you’re the only one in the room full of people and be yourself. That’s what fabulous is to me.

Tell everybody where you’re located.

Candy Brow Bar is located in North Dekalb Mall in Decatur, Georgia.

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