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August Alsina’s meet and greet at DTLR for new CD

Photos by Melanie L. Brown with Steed Media.

Photos by Melanie L. Brown for Steed Media

Def Jam’s own August Alsina had a meet and greet in Chicago at the 35th Street DTLR clothing and shoe store. He met and took pictures with people as they purchased his new album, This Thing Called Life. His album played and some people already memorized songs from the album.

The line to meet August was so long that people had to come in by sections. All ages came to take pictures with the artist, from newborns to the elders. He greeted the crowd with a smile and listened to the fans that approached him sharing stories. He even wiped one lady’s tears as she cried telling her story. Women kissed him on the cheek sand one lady even on his neck. Another young girl fainted and fell to the floor after her picture with Alsina, but was held up by three people.

Many of his fans were really generous. He received drawn pictures of him, framed pictures, airbrushed pictures, chips, candy, and bags in which he only knew the contents. Skin was shown everywhere with the many cutoff shirts that his fans wore.  August took pictures with the DTLR staff and saluted them before leaving.

Photos by Melanie L. Brown with Steed Media.