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Derek Jeter sued over underwear? Find out why

Photo Credit: Derek Jeter's Facebook (

Photo Credit: Derek Jeter’s Facebook (

Former baseball legend Derek Jeter has been in a legal battle with Swedish underwear company Frigo RevolutionWear over his own underwear line with the company for some time now. But things took a wild turn recently when Frigo claimed that Jeter didn’t want his underwear marketed to gay people.

According to TMZ, Jeter is embroiled in a $30 million lawsuit with the underwear company and in new court documents filed in Delaware, Frigo claims that “[Jeter] demanded that [Frigo] not market to the gay community and states that he did not want the Frigo brand to be ‘too gay.'”

Frigo also claims that they set up a deal with Jeter to have him serve as a director for the company and do major publicity events for the brand. However, they say he backed out of the deal, due in part to the marketing strategy.

Frigo also claimed that Jeter was upset that they chose 50 Cent to serve as a brand ambassador for the company and they quoted Jeter as saying that 50 was “too urban.”

“As demonstrated in the Verified Counterclaims of RevolutionWear filed yesterday, Derek Jeter defrauded RevolutionWear, blatantly breached the fiduciary duties he owed to it and utterly failed to perform his contract with the company.  According to RevolutionWear, Jeter’s misconduct caused the company to incur losses of at least $30 million, which the company is seeking as damages in this suit, along with punitive damages for his fraudulent conduct. We look forward to cross-examining Jeter and his representatives under oath to expose his alleged frauds to the public.  We also have numerous witnesses who are waiting for their chance to testify about his alleged frauds and misconduct,” said Frigo’s attorney, Joseph Tacopina.

However, Jeter spoke with TMZ and denied the claims, saying they are  “categorically false.”

Well, this has certainly turned into one messy and odd legal battle.