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Tasha Smith’s Hollywood friend comes to her defense against ex-husband

Tasha Smith's Instagram (@tasha4realsmith)

Tasha Smith’s Instagram (@tasha4realsmith)

Actress Tasha Smith seemed to be up the creek without a paddle earlier this year when her then-husband, Keith Douglas, filed a restraining order against her and she was ordered to pay him a hefty amount in spousal support. Luckily for Smith, a judge annulled her marriage a few days ago after it was found that Douglas had lied about his job, financial history, being married five times previously, and still being married to two of those women at the time he proposed to Smith. Since news of the annullment hit the web, Douglas decided to fire back with an open letter about his marriage. But now Smith’s best friend, Tisha Campbell-Martin, is standing up for her with a rant of her own.

Yesterday, Campbell-Martin posted a photo of herself and Smith on her Instagram page, along with a long-winded caption about Douglas.

Tisha Campbell-Martin's Instagram (@tishacampbellmartin)

Tisha Campbell-Martin’s Instagram (@tishacampbellmartin)

“ANNULLED Thank you @tmz for telling the TRUTH! Dunno who leaked it but I’m so glad they did…. @tasha4real WON!!! She got her annulment!! We are celebrating!!!! It’s been a secret from the PUBLIC until today. The courts now say, ” Tasha was never married.!” First time in the history of law! Does anybody understand that? it Is ANNULMENT after 4 YEARS OF MARRIAGE because of fraud! That has never happened after such a long period of time. judge ruled in Tasha’s favor I’m so glad that I can now scream it to the world and it’s public knowledge because it’s all in the judge’s ruling… EVERYTHING. It is now public knowledge now that he had five other marriages Tasha new nothing about, the bigotry… (He was married to two of his ex-wives at the same time and didn’t tell her.) We found out after Tasha filed that This dude had JUST gotten married a couple months before he started dating Tasha. He wasn’t forthright with the many tax liens against him and that he hadn’t paid taxes for TEN years or the criminal past he hid from her. It also came out in court that he had four different social security numbers. Now, ALL HIS LIES are exposed,” Campbell-Martin wrote.

But that certainly isn’t all she had to say about the matter. Read the rest of the scathing caption, after the cut.

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