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Find out what Apollo Nida really has to say about seeing his kids

Apollo Nida
Photo Credit: Apollo Nida’s Instagram (@apollonida03)

Earlier this week, rumors were flying that Apollo Nida didn’t want his sons to visit him in prison because it might be too traumatic for them. However, Nida quickly silenced the rumors with a simple Instagram post mocking the idea of not wanting to see his kids. But now Nida is elaborating on the subject and explaining in detail how he really feels about his sons visiting him.

In a new interview with TMZ Live, Nida talks about his estranged wife, Phaerda Parks, not wanting their sons to be exposed to the prison environment.

“For my own mental sanity, I tried to recognize where she was coming from. But I never agreed on the fact that I didn’t wanna see my children. I never agreed to that. I still stand strong that I wanna see them and regardless of where I’m at, I still am trying to find a common ground on how to parent them,” Nida said.

The former reality star then explained why it’s now safer for his sons to visit him in prison.

“The fact that I’m at a different facility. I am at a camp now, there have been discussions about her bringing the children and allowing them to see me. Hopefully, that will go well in the near future. A couple of weeks or a month, depending on her schedule.”

Nida then described the facility he’s in.

“I’m at a camp now. You have a little more leeway as far as your jobs and so forth. And there’s not a lot of tension. I’m not really behind a fence per say,” Nida said. “The kids will not get that prison ambience. The kids will not have to endure that prison atmosphere.”

Nida then denied Parks’ previous claims that the boys keep in regular contact with their father.

“To squash some of the allegations, we do not FaceTime and I do not receive care packages from them,” Nida said. “I will say, for the most part, I do call once a month, maybe twice, depending on my schedule.”

“I would like to speak to them more, but I kind of got to be understanding of everyone’s schedule and they’re in school and they’ve gotta go to sleep early,” he added.

However, his kids aren’t the only thing that Nida discussed. Read what he had to say about Parks and their marriage, after the cut.

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