‘NY Times’ best-selling author Mary ‘Honey B’ Morrison wants you to get your sexy back in 2016

Mary Honey B Morrison corset
author Mary Honey B Morrison (photo credit Kensington Publishing)

In August of 2015, NY Times best-selling writer Mary “Honey B” Morrison released her 20th novel titled Baby, You’re the Best. As one of urban literature’s most interesting writers, Morrison has a message for her readers and women she meets as she travels the country promoting her books and other businesses. Morrison’s message for 2016 is simple: “Be your best, do your best … then you must expect the best!”

“I’ve met many people that I’ve thought were amazing, but it’s obvious that they weren’t aware of their God given potential. The mythical thing about power is everyone has it! This is why you must believe in yourself,” Morrison says.

As an urban fiction author with a dual line of erotica books, Morrison feels her mission in life is to empower women to live their best lives and to reclaim their sexuality. “My purpose in life is to educate and elevate women through my novels, vaginal awareness and aerobics classes and Google hangouts,” she says.

Finding your purpose is something Morrison says everyone should embrace. Being a best-selling urban writer with over three million books in print is no small feat, yet Morrison says she dared to take a chance to believe in herself. “So many live in fear. Scared to change jobs, start their own business, end a failing relationship, lots of people are afraid to live their lives the way they want. Many are afraid to dream big,” Morrison says.

In addition to her fiction, Morrison writes erotica and pushes women to embrace their sexuality. She sells sex toys on her website and encourages women to get to know their sexual likes and dislikes. Morrison believes the sexual double standard for women vs. men is a thing of the past. Her often outlandish sexual commentary via her social media invokes conversation among her readers and makes some view her as “over the top,” to say the least.

“I’ve been told I’m too honest. I’ve heard men say, ‘It’s not what you say. It’s how you say it.’ Basically, people want you to be who they want you to be. They don’t want you to be yourself. If I perceive a guy is full of s—, I tell him in a clever sarcastic kinda way. I don’t understand why so many women chase men who don’t want them. If that is you, you need to hang out with Honey B in 2016,” she says.

Morrison’s sense of self is not by accident; in fact, she looks to instill the same sense of brazen confidence in the female characters that populate her novels. She hopes to inspire women by showing them sexy, non-apologetic examples that refuse to fit into society’s definition of being a woman. In short, Morrison wants her readers to be the type of women that kick ass and take names. “Maybe your father was absent in your life so you don’t feel you deserve (or will ever find) a man that will love you for you. Negative energy attracts negative people to you. Elevate your attitude and let men pursue you,” she says.

Morrison is looking forward to interacting with her fans on a more intimate level through her Google hangout sessions and her many book signings scheduled for 2016. In addition to releasing another novel, she also has plans to produce another DVD for women looking to take control of their sex life. In 2014, she produced a “Headmaster” DVD that quickly became a top seller on her website for women and their partners.

Morrison has distinct orders for women as we prepare for 2016: “Be humble but never shrink. Know that you are great and don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. I’ve been told I’m a tease and I date like a dude. Hey, it’s true and it works extremely well for me. Men love chasing me and I enjoy letting them.”

To learn more about NY Times best-selling author Mary “Honey B” Morrison, visit www.marymorrison.com.

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