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News » Oregon terrorist Ammon Bundy foolishly compares himself to Rosa Parks

Oregon terrorist Ammon Bundy foolishly compares himself to Rosa Parks


photo: @ammon_bundy via Twitter

Ammon Bundy believes that his band of terrorists are similar to Rosa Park. During a series of random tweets,  Ammon Bundy attempted to justify his group’s takeover of a federal center by comparing himself to the Civil Rights icon.

“We are doing the thing as Rosa Parks did. We are  standing up against bad laws which dehumanize us and destroy our freedom,” Bundy tweeted. The tweet was foolish and proved, again, how Bundy’s White privilege plays a key role in his terroristic takeover.

Unlike Bundy, Parks was not armed with heavy artillery and never threatened to shoot or kill police officers or federal authorities. Parks also never attempted to stand up for convicted criminals or takeover land that didn’t belong to her. But Bundy believes that he is doing what’s justified and is willing to kill to prove his point. That’s counter to the non-violent Civil Rights movement and everything that it stood for.

But this case also shows how America authorities react differently when White males are the alleged criminals. There isn’t a Black or islamic organization in this country who could get away with the crimes that Bundy has committed in the past five days.

Individuals expressed their rage against Bundy and his ridiculous comparison on social media.


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  1. hilliard on January 7, 2016 at 8:49 pm

    These are criminal armed terrorist and the Government should take them out.