#Winning: adopt a new attitude in the new year, never beaten

Munson Steed and Usher at the home of John Sylvanus WIlliams, Morehouse College's president (photo credit: Sistarazzi for Steed Media Service)
Munson Steed and Usher at the home of John Sylvanus Wilson, Morehouse College’s president (photo credit: Sistarazzi for Steed Media Service)

“I am a fan of yours and your growth and also a fan of how courageous you are,” Grammy-winning R&B singer Usher tells a contestant during an episode of “The Voice” before they are sent home.

Never beaten is an attitude to embrace as we start the new year. It’s an attitude of victory. Have faith. Don’t cower in face of adversity. Often who we choose to be is far from our present self and behavior. As we stretch ourselves and intentionally match our daily activities with our goals, those efforts will produce positive and fruitful outcomes.

Never beaten is a mindset of a victor who will will fight to the end. Even if he concedes to his challenger, he had enough heart to look his opponent in the eye and make sure he tastes the battle. It’s a win-win. They are both champions, internally and externally, no matter if the judges choose the other.

I challenge you. Give your best. Claim the victory. Even if you lose the battle, maintain self confidence. Have faith in something. The trophies are material. They are carats to show off and dangle in your face. If you beat your personal goal, then you’ve won the competition. The discipline it took to get you there is what you’ve overcome. That’s what it takes to be great.

Never beaten is an idea that when something isn’t ending up the way you hoped that you don’t give up. What’s in your immediate sight doesn’t determine the future. Don’t allow negativity to drown out positive thoughts and affirmations. Keep the mind’s door open. Even when you’re unsure, you have the right key and have entered the right space. You are where God intended for you to be. You must believe in yourself. Focus on the light in times of darkness. Others can’t see what God has in store for you. Listen to the applause in your head. Trust in a power beyond yourself. It will override all those things and thoughts others will whisper and wail. Maintain a winning spirit.

There are books you must read that share victors’ personal stories, their tragedies and triumphs. You will see parallel examples, ones that may resonate. They’ll offer tips and tools for you to understand how to overcome battles.

Isolation, prison, tragedy, health and wellness are all challenges. When you have have faith, you always understand there’s something greater and next for you. Yes, you must play a winning hand. Your fate is determined by a power greater than yourself. Allow that higher power to tell you what to do next.

Never beaten is knowing that you don’t have to be broken. There’s something big waiting for you. Never beaten is understanding there’s always someone who loves you and will comfort you. Never beaten is the voice that will not let things run away in your head. When you start this journey in the new year, make sure you don’t beat yourself before you try. Never beaten is understanding, “I only race myself, everyday, not anyone else, not anything else. It’s just me in the race. I have the power. I am the champion.” Peace.

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