‘Cutting It: In the Atl’s’ Maja M. Sly making major moves with Walk-In Weaves™

maja sly
Photo courtesy of Maja Sly

Meet Maja M. Sly, owner of Walk-In Weaves™ and cast member We tv’s “Cutting It: In the ATL.” Read on for what she has to say about success in the beauty business and life.

What is the name of your company and what is its mission statement?
Pretty Hair mission statement:  We are dedicated to providing quality hair extensions at an affordable price for women all across the world
Describe a great day for your business.
A great day for me in business is when all of the ideas that I’ve executed are rewarded by others thinking enough of me and my brand to spend their hard earned money.What three things have you learned about starting a business everyone should know?
1. That it’s not easy, but it’s worth it.2.  Know that it’s you against you every day — make sure you win!
3. That stumbling blocks and failures are simply redirection to your destiny.What two things motivate you to be successful every day.
1. Knowing that my business allow women to feel beautiful at a price they can afford.
2. Knowing that my business allows me to employ women to support their families.
One famous business quote that you use.
“You eat what you kill.”
What does girl power mean to you and why is it important for women to attend  business conferences like GirlPower SleepOver?
Girl power is about women supporting women and knowing that another woman is not your enemy..she’s your ally, biggest cheerleader and best support system.Who is your mentor?
The Lord our Father

What is your social media strategy for the brand?

Marketing on Instagram, Facebook. Constantly putting out great content to build the brand of Pretty Hair.
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