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Group of Florida women stole credit cards to fund what?

Constance Zellous and Shuante Campbell/Facebook

Constance Zellous and Shuante Campbell/Facebook

Police say a group of Florida women stole personal information, including credit cards, to fund plastic surgery and extensive dental work. They even flaunted their new bods just days after their procedures with a series of before and after photos via Facebook.

According to an Orlando, Florida law enforcement agency, they’ve been working around the clock for months, to apprehend a group of women aka “Operation Nip Tuck,” who preyed on innocent individuals in order to buy tens of thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic surgery, including breast implants and gold teeth.

Detective Todd Herb spoke with local news station WFTV about the months leading up to exposing the fraud saying, “Constantly, you would see them on Facebook and Instagram showing their pictures just a few days after their surgery.” It was workers at Paradise Dental, however, who eventually discovered one of the women, Constance Zellous, was using another person’s information and contacted police. Soon after Zellous and several other women linked to the crime ring were arrested. But, police are still searching for three other women involved.

A total of 16 women are suspected of being connected to the outlandish scam, totaling more than $160,000 in damages. Unfortunately, for the victims of “Operation Nip Tuck,” ages ranging from 20-24, it could take decades for them to rebound from the fraud. “To get work done for vanity purposes is theft, and it’s terrible they did this against these victims,” Herb continued. Although the perps are currently in custody, they have yet to be slapped with charges, as authorities are still in search of the alleged ringleader.