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Is Lamar Odom fighting to win his ex back?

Photo Credit: Khloe Kardashian's Instagram (@khloekardashian)

Photo Credit: Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram (@khloekardashian)

Last year, Lamar Odom was fighting for his life after suffering through a coma and several strokes following a drug overdose at a Nevada brothel. But now that Odom is recovering from his near-death experience, sources are saying that he’s not only focusing on healing his body, but also his marriage with his estranged wife, Khloe Kardashian.

As previously reported, Odom and Kardashian were just weeks away from finalizing their divorce when Odom suffered his overdose. At the time, Kardashian immediately halted the divorce and rushed to Odom’s side to make his medical decisions for him. Although Kardashian vowed to remain by Odom’s side for the next several months to help him recover, she told the press that she has no plans to return to their marriage and that she’s happily dating NBA player James Harden.

However, according to, sources say that Odom has other plans in mind, including winning his wife back.

“Lamar asks for her all the time, it’s clear he’s still very much in love with Khloe and wanting to build his life around the two of them together,” the insider said.

The source says that Odom is hoping that Kardashian and Harden’s romance will eventually fade and that he’ll have yet another chance to get back together with his wife.

“He doesn’t believe this romance with James will last, and has every faith they’ll wind up living as man and wife again when the timing’s right,” the source said.

For now, the source says Odom will bide his time and focus on fully recovering.

“Until then he’s focused on building his strength back up and spending time with his kids,” the source said. “Lamar’s just grateful to have another shot at life and the fact Khloe hasn’t formalized the divorce yet gives him the strength to keep fighting.”