Sources confirm which drug landed the NFL’s Chandler Jones in the hospital

Chandler Jones
Source: Facebook / ChandlerJonesOfficial

After some initial conflicting reports, it’s been confirmed that New England Patriots Defensive Lineman Chandler Jones had been using synthetic marijuana prior to walking into the Foxboro Police Station and exhibiting unusual behavior this past Sunday.

Jones was taken to a nearby hospital and went through a number of tests for what was originally thought to be a pill overdose. However, on Wednesday, the Boston Globe reported that doctors were able to confirm that Jones had “a bad reaction” to a synthetic marijuana. Globe reporter Christopher Gasper took to Twitter to share his findings.

globe tweets

Also known as K2 or Spice, synthetic marijuana is popular among athletes because it doesn’t show up on standard drug tests. Unfortunately, it has been known to cause intense and severe psychotic trips in users. In Jones’ case, he had a mild bad reaction to the drug and was able participate in practice the day after being hospitalized, though the ordeal isn’t completely behind him.

League officials are said to be looking into the incident to determine what, if any, disciplinary action should be taken and whether Jones should be placed into the league’s substance abuse program.

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