Being a player proves bankable for R&B artist Elijah Connor

Press Photo 2 Elijah Connor
Elijah Connor (Photo credit Davide Anderson)

Being a player has its perks. Recording artists Elijah Connor’s playboy ways earned him a spot on season one of Oxygen’s new show “Players.” True enough he may have gotten his playboy ways honest from his cousin Prince … yes, that’s right, the artist formerly known as the symbol, is Connor’s older cousin so perhaps he got his affinity for women honestly.

Known for dating multiple women at the same time, Connor insists he is just enjoying his life. “I’m not married, and I would never play with God or with vows. I would never do this if I was married,” he says.

As a single man, Connor has been dating the same way many look at a smorgasbord filled with many different types of food that will satisfy different needs.  “If I can find a woman that brings certain things to the table, I focus on what that one woman does well. I don’t try to force her to be everything, well that was my old mentality but I think that women go into some situations already knowing what they are dealing with,” says Connor.

Connor’s playboy reputation landed him several parts on reality television, including a spot on TV One’s original series “The Ultimate Merger” featuring model Tocarra and produced by future presidential candidate Donald Trump. “Trump hand-selected who he wanted on the show,” Connor recalls.

Years after the show ended, Connor received a call from one of the show’s producers that asked him to be a participant on an upcoming show called “Players” about men who practiced dating multiple women. Connor agreed to do the show but he had no idea that the three ladies he was entertaining would have the opportunity to meet and confront him on camera. Although Connor says he didn’t want to hurt the women in his life, he insists two of them knew what they were getting themselves into when they met him.

“Two of the women I met backstage with six other women around me, so at the end of the day, they knew what was going on,” he explains.

After experiencing the confrontation he did on “Players,” Connor says he would never have done the show if he’d known the final outcome. “The producers tricked me so that the girls I was with could all meet up behind my back.”

Yet he doesn’t regret doing the show.

“The truth is always right but its not always necessary, most women go into situations with different agendas,” he says.

He points out that many times women cry victim when things don’t go their way or maybe to save face.

“A lot of them got what they wanted, the Chanel bags, the shoes, a couple of car notes paid. You say you got hurt but you got away with some stuff,” Connor says.

Since wrapping with taping on Oxygen’s “Players,” Connor is back to focusing full time on his music. The R&B singer is home in Detroit, working on new music for an upcoming project.

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