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How R&B newcomer Jaymal Green is setting himself apart from other artists

Jaymal Green

Photo credit: Benjamin Curtis-Beard

Up-and-coming R&B artist Jaymal Green is not quite like the others.

Having already put in time as an actor and author, the 20-year-old Chicago native has proved time and time again that he’s not like his fellow artists. Green uses his music as a platform for community outreach and rountinely tours schools across the country in hopes of making a positive impact on the lives of students.

When it comes to the music, Jaymal is simply dedicated to bringing back the creativity and soul he feels that has been missing.

Rolling out recently sat down with Green to discuss his music, his vision and his passion for helping youth prepare for the world outside their doors.

In addition to being an artist you also act and have even written a book. How do you find time to focus on your various creative endeavors?
Honestly, no sleep. I blend in everything that I do so that it is easier for me. While on tour, in my down time I was writing my book.

Who inspired you and made you want to pursue music?
Two people served as motivation for me to do music. One would be my mother as she was a live performer before I was born. Our voices are very similar and when her career came to a halt, I wanted to carry on the torch. The other person would be Michael Jackson. Michael served as the entertainer I always look up to and wanted to be like. I always wanted to give back to communities and be an original artist that couldn’t be compared to anyone. Michael was that and to this day, I watch everything he has ever done to motivate and maybe inspire me with future ideas.

What is the hashtag #JaymalTwitterChurch about?
It’s something of an online interactive church led by me. On Sundays, I’ll get up and tweet sayings, quotes, and thank God for everything he is doing. All to inspire my fans and followers.

How will Jaymal Green differ from other artists in the game?
My sound will always be different. The lyrics will be conceptual as well as the videos. Everything I do is a project that carries a specific message and is very original. I will also be a grassroots artist. I love to meet and talk to my supporters face to face. I want to run my music like its a political campaign, I want people to know and love who I actually am and it will transfer to the music.

Tell us about your latest single.
“Jungle Love” is a song that brings out your inner beast. It is a conceptual song that is comparing my sexual energy with a jungle. It’s mixed with so many sounds and vocal arrangements that will chill your soul.

What can you tell us about your next single?
Next month I’ll be releasing a new single called “Flashbacks” that’s produced by Hank Iving. I am focusing on releasing singles as projects and can’t speak much about an album just yet. “Flashbacks” is a song with a true R&B feel but with a different sound. You’ll be reminiscing about your ex-lover with this jam and maybe fall back in love in the process.

What’s something fans would be surprised to know about you?
Fans would be surprised to know that I have a 3-month-old son. He is a junior and serves as my motivation going forward. He is already a star and very adorable.

Tell us about the Sky-Rocketing Teens Corp?
Sky-Rocketing Teens Corp. is a company I started when I was 15 years old with my history teacher Pete Retsos. We have a mission to raise the higher consciousness among youth around the world about social issues. Over the past 5 years, I’ve gone into schools in 30 states with anti-bullying & anti-violence programs. Along with these programs, I also perform and have a DJ to keep them energized. We have also led youth peace marches and organized many youth events.

How much of a responsibility do you think artists have to young, impressionable fans?
I think we have a major responsibility. We have many young fans that look up to us and it is important for us not only to inspire them through music but in our daily lives. We want to build up our youth so we have to be the example. That is why along with music, I give back to the community so much because I always want youth to understand that they should no matter what path they choose to take. Music is the easiest way to reach youth so we as the artist they like we should be the person we would want our kids to look up too.

What’s next for Jaymal Green?
More music and shows. Touring and collaborating with many artists. I plant to continue to stand up for our communities and give back in every way that I can. I will also continue to go into the schools to educate our youth on what’s going in the world around them.

For more info on Jaymal Green, please visit or connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at : @JaymalGreen.