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3 key business tips from million-dollar Black-owned tech company OnceLogix


(L-R) Ty McLaughlin, Trinity Manning and Rod Brown. Photo by Todd Luck

In today’s business world, efficiency is king. Whether start-up or established, success often means streamlining operations so the focus remains on growing rather than maintaining.

OnceLogix is an African-American owned multi-million dollar company that produces ShareNote, a web-based healthcare record management application.

Here are three tips the company says you should keep in mind when looking to grow you business.

  • 1. Be ready for growth. Everyone WANTS growth, which should be enjoyable, however, everyone isn’t ready for growth.  Stay ahead of the growth curve. If you’ve done a good job on your strategic plan to grow, and your predictions are on point, you will grow. You must be prepared for the growth in the areas of your business that counts. It may be human capital, technology, or logistics. Ask yourself, what would you do differently if you grew 60% in the next year?
  • 2. Block and tackle. Get back to the basics if you’ve strayed from the positive things that got you where you are. If you aren’t mastering blocking and tackling, get back to the basic business processes, relationships, and strategies that effectively mattered the most. Don’t get too fancy too soon.
  • 3. Get smarter. All you know is what you know. Learn from others. Emulate others that do well in your space but do not try to imitate others. Focus on the outcomes that they get, and the key factors to getting those outcomes.  Find take a-ways that can make you better. Get better personally. Entrepreneurs often ignore themselves. Read about world business affairs (esp. matters concerning your industry), attend trade conferences, get a mentor, start a mastermind, or study successful businesses that you aspire to be like.

Created from a personal home computer in 2005, OnceLogix is a solutions provider specializing in developing custom, enterprise level, web-based applications that fit the wants and needs of their consumers. Company CEO Trinity Manning, along with business partners COO Rod Brown and CFO Ty McLaughlin, created ShareNote to help healthcare providers streamline their record management systems.

Today, after a decade in business, the software is used by more than 1,000 behavioral healthcare provider agencies and 50,000 individual behavioral health professionals.

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