Former player has harsh advice for women wanting answers

Eliah Connor (photo credit Davide Anderson)

Elijah Connor is like many men who enjoy the company of numerous beautiful women, often without consequence but unlike many, Connor’s philandering ways landed him a gig on Oxygen’s reality show, “Players” and more importantly Connor is willing to be honest. He believes that most women become detectives to find out who their man is sleeping with because they want to see what the other woman looks like more than anything.

“It’s a mind thing with women, they just want to know what the other woman looks like. They want to know who and what their competition is; it doesn’t mean they are going anywhere,” Connor explains.

Ouch! Admittedly, Connor does have a point. After hearing his insight on women, rolling out asked him what advice he would give women wanting to know why their man is cheating on them.

Connor has some harsh but fair words of wisdom:

– “I’m successful, I have a little money, I’m not a bad looking guy, it’s not realistic for you to assume that you’re the only one I’m talking to.” Women shouldn’t assume that there aren’t other women in a man’s life at the time he meets you. Chances are if you think he is a good catch, someone else does too.

– “Usually how you meet him is the way he is going to stay.” If you meet a guy in a club with a lot of women around him, don’t be surprised if that’s his normal routine. Don’t expect your man to fall in love with you and change his behavior

– “Be honest with yourself about your intentions, or long term goals. Do you want to just kick it, do you want just sex and trinkets or do you want marriage?” Connor says if a woman is just looking for sex, she shouldn’t be upset when she discovers there are other women.

– “Date at the level of your maturity — if you can’t handle certain situations you shouldn’t put yourself in that type of position. Not everyone is able to handle the life of an entertainer, athlete, etc.”

– “Stop praying to God about things you can Google. Women always say they are praying God show them a sign, but usually they can find their own sign if they just open their eyes,” Connor laughs. Yes, ladies, Connor says you should absolutely Google him, check his social media pages, everything isn’t a coincidence. Wake up!

While most of his advice was brutal yet transparent, all hope isn’t lost. When asked what advice he would give a woman wanting to marry a man and become his wife for all the right reasons, he says simply, “You have to fight sometimes for what you love.”

So perhaps all hope is not lost, it’s just delayed for the right person.

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