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T.I. and Steve Harvey give struggling single mom a big surprise



On Friday, Jan. 15, multi-platinum, Grammy-winning musician, actor, entrepreneur, record label owner and philanthropist Tip “T.I.” Harris appeared on the “Steve Harvey Show” for the media mogul’s annual Birthday Show.

Together, Harris and Harvey gave a single mom who recently fell on hard times the best birthday gift she could ever receive – financial assistance in the form of a $10K Green Dot Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card to help get her family back in the same house, $15K towards rent from and a brand new car. She and her children have been separated for the last several months, but they reunited with her for the first time, in a long time on stage.

Plus, the 58-year-old TV host got the surprise of a lifetime when producers invited everyone from his combined 3rd and 4th grade class from 1966 to recreate their class photo on the “Steve Harvey” stage. Harvey recognized nearly everyone on the stage, 50 years after attending elementary school with them.

During last year’s birthday event, author and philanthropist Alan Fox donated a whopping $250K to the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, which aims to provide outreach to fatherless children and young adults, by promoting educational enrichment. This year, Fox returned for a surprise of his own – an in-person sit down with the four lucky kids he personally helped to send to college. To top it off, Harvey’s beautiful wife Marjorie surprised her hubby with an amazing shiny new car. Nice!


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