The ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ cast on not following in their parents’ footsteps

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The six cast members of WE tv’s new reality show, “Growing Up Hip Hop” are determined to step out of the shadow of their famous parents and make a name for themselves in the music industry. This season, they’re letting us in on their talents and aspirations and making it known that their path isn’t quite the same as that of their celebrity relatives.

Romeo Miller’s father, Master P, became a breakout rap star and hip-hop entrepreneur in the ’90s. While Romeo, 26, has also been successful in music and continues to rap, he has taken the route of establishing himself as an actor. He starred in his own sitcom on Nickelodeon, “Romeo!” as a teenager. Since then, he’s acted in a number of films and television shows, most recently Brotherly Love and “Survivor’s Remorse.”

But while his résumé of roles is increasing, he’s also transitioning into taking over his father’s label, No Limit Forever Records.

“It’s about growth,” Romeo told rolling out. “Your parents want something bigger and better for you. That’s what this show is about; we’re putting our own spin on it. We have our own journey.

Boogie Dash is the son of outspoken music mogul Damon Dash, formerly of Roc-A-Fella Records. Boogie has the same entrepreneurial spirit as his father, but instead of focusing on music, he’s more interested in cuisine.

“I don’t think I’m doing the same thing as my dad at all,” said Boogie. “I’m more in the food business. I have a cookie business called Chipz Cookies.”

He added that besides being involved in music by deejaying on the side, he’s choosing a completely different lane to success than his dad did.

While TJ Mizell still spins records just like his late father, legendary DJ and Run-D.M.C. member Jason Mizell, aka Jam Master J, his style is unlike his dad’s innovative ’80s hip-hop sound.

“Run-D.M.C. were those guys to take rock ‘n’ roll and hip-hop and bring them together, so they were the ones to break that boundary. For me, I love electronic dance music,” TJ explained. “It’s something that’s really making crowds move these days.”

It will be interesting to see how the “Growing Up Hip Hop” cast members evolve into individuals and work toward elevating their star status. With the parents of the show’s stars making special appearances throughout the season, viewers will be able to think back on the mark these legends left in music, but look at their children and be reminded that a new generation of talent is on the rise.

“Everybody in life has their own journey, and that’s the beauty about everybody in this cast,” Romeo remarked. “You know what our families have accomplished, and now you get to see how we’re going to twist it up.”

Watch Romeo, TJ, Boogie and the rest of the crew on “Growing Up Hip Hop” every Thursday at 10 EST on WE tv.

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