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Is Lil Wayne back on this dangerous drug?

(Photo credit: @liltunechi via Instagram)

(Photo credit: @liltunechi via Instagram)

Lil Wayne was never shy in the past about discussing or rapping about his drug use, but his penchant for a particular drug concoction, Lean, nearly left him six feet under when he OD’d on the drink three years ago. Since then, the rapper swore off Lean, but new reports claim that Wayne has relapsed and is back to being a user.

According to media reports, sources claim that Wayne relapsed a few months ago and has been blatantly taking the drink in public. They say that Wayne is rarely seen without a douple cup of Lean in photos these days. He even reportedly took photos with a double cup in his hand in Dubai, where there’s a zero tolerance rule for drugs like Lean.

Back when Wayne OD’d in 2013, he suffered several seizures and nearly died in a L.A. hospital. But despite his near-death experience, sources say that Wayne isn’t concerned with his health, though he allegedly never fully recovered from his overdose.

Well, we hope he isn’t repeating the past and and doesn’t end up overdosing again.

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  1. Jason on January 23, 2016 at 10:59 am

    If this is true – it is very sad. Mr. Wayne is a hip-hop millionaire. Could you imagine what he could be with a drug-free sound mind? Imagine the positive influence this young brother could be on so many other young men. Brothers like him could bring about change in the Black community overnight.