Police officer jailed for allegedly raping 15-year-old relative

photo: emmit county corrections
Photo: Emmit County Corrections

A former police officer in Emmett Township, Michigan, faces jail time for allegedly raping his teenage niece and giving her an STD. According to Fox 17, Troy Estree, 46, began a sexual relationship with his niece in May 2014.

He would invite the 15-year-old girl to his home, which he shared his wife and kids, to watch “Family Guy.” Estree soon began touching his niece on her thighs and eventually her private areas. A few weeks after their initial contact, Estree had anal sex with the girl. He also had sex with her on a park bench and on the trunk of his squad car while in uniform.

The investigation began after the teenage girl told a therapist that her friend was sexually involved with an older man. The therapist told her parents, who, in turn, contacted authorities. Police believed Estree was the man responsible for raping the girl, but she initially attempted to protect the officer. While being interviewed by police, authorities threatened to tell the girl’s friends that she had herpes if she didn’t reveal Estree as the man who raped her. The girl eventually agreed to testify.

Estree’s attorney claimed that the girl was clinically insane and suffered from delusions. But the evidence doesn’t work in Estree’s favor. It was discovered that Estree also had herpes and had sent over 1,000 text messages to the girl. And along with being charged with the rape of the 15-year-old, Estree is also charged with raping his 33-year-old niece while she was in a hot tub with him.

Estree’s case is another example of a police officer who used his authority to commit a sexual crime. If convicted of first-degree criminal sexual assault, he could receive life in prison.

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