D.L. Hughley talks about his comedy tour and upcoming television show

Photo Courtesy of D.L. Hughley's facebook
Photo courtesy of D.L. Hughley’s Facebook

D.L. Hughley has been entertaining audiences for over 25 years. He has had a television show, starred in movies, and is an Original King of Comedy. He is currently a radio host, political correspondent, and still has a thriving stand-up comedy career.

Hughley is presently touring on The Comedy Get Down tour, which features George Lopez, Cedric the Entertainer, Eddie Griffin, and Charlie Murphy. The show has been packing arenas around the country for over a year.

Rolling out caught up with D.L. Hughley backstage after his show in Chicago.

Before we start, I must share that you killed it tonight.

Thank you. Chicago is a spectacular city. It is a city that makes comedy come alive.

How long have you been on this tour?

A little over a year.

What have the highlights been?

Every night you are working with cats you really enjoy and that you learn from.

Let’s talk about the format of this show. All of the comedians come out together and watch each other perform. How do you enjoy that?

I appreciate it. There are eleven cats that I will pay to see and four of them are on this bill. So to me, I get the best ticket in the house every week.

What brought you all together for this tour?

Well George [Lopez] wanted to get a statue built of Richard Pryor as a tribute to him in Peoria, Illinois. So on November 3, 2014, we went and did a concert. We had so much fun that we said “hey man, we should go out and do it”. And we did. What’s funny was that when the statue was built, we were not invited to see it. But we realized that the cat [Richard Pryor] that we were all inspired by, brought us together.

How much longer will the tour go on?

We plan to keep going. We are doing Africa, Australia, Europe, additional dates in the States, and we have a TV show we will start in April. It will keep going until we can’t stand each other and we know that will not happen.

Tell us about the TV show.

The TV show is a hybrid scripted-reality show. It is all about us on tour, getting ready for tour, and being with our families. For the scripted part, we will write stories of us going on the road ,which will intertwine with the reality component.

Follow D.L Hughley @realdlhughley on IG and Twitter.

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