Interactive workshop promotes Jay Z and Beyoncé lifestyle: Look Good. Be Confident. Make Moves.

Jay Z & Beyonce via @beyonce instagram
Jay Z and Beyoncé via @beyonce Instagram

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are possibly Black America’s most envied couple with POTUS and FLOTUS coming in a close second. Aside from Jay Z’s superstar lifestyle, Beyonce’s Hollywood good looks and their daughter Blue Ivy’s precocious “cuteness”; there is more that makes them enviable; they appear to have achieved balance. Yes, Jay Z is one of the most respected men on the planet, but we love imagining his softer side in pictures with his wife and daughter. Beyoncé is a force to be reckoned with onstage but fans love seeing her cuddled up with her husband on a beach. From what we see from their pictures; they have achieved the perfect work, life, love balance.

Balance is a variable that holds little weight in the religion of social media most millennials put their trust. Worshipping the gods of money and worldly success often come at the sacrifice of family, love and even health. Instagram memes have become verses that suggest hard work means going alone and often there is no place for love; suggests real success comes at the price of solitude in the hopes of getting to the next financial accomplishment. Kenyatta Joseph, owner of Polished Personas, wants to dispel the belief that money should be the ultimate goal in life. “Success is multifaceted. In order to get the best out of life, you need to have a balance in a few areas. Success in one area and deficits in others doesn’t lend toward a fulfilling life,” Joseph says.

In an effort to assist some of her peers in achieving balance, Joseph hosted her company’s first Atlanta-based event titled, #WorkLifeLove: Finding the perfect balance on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016. The event featured several expert speakers on various topics that worked together to provide a well-balanced life. The interactive workshop touched on image and consulting, beauty, professional development, how to balance career and relationships and much more. In addition to the workshop and audience Q-and-A, every attendee will receive a vision kit as the first step in helping them lay the foundation for their own work, life and love balance. Panelists included: celebrity wardrobe stylist Julian Lark (Kontrol Mag); branding expert April Love (Ask April Love PR); celebrity realtor Sarah Lowe (WE tv’s “Selling it: In the Atl”); beauty consultant Dedra Allen (Cutting It: In the Atl)

Participants agreed the discussion was enlightening and necessary. Joseph wants to engage the Atlanta community with her organization birthed on the concept of; Look Good, Be Confident. Make Moves. For more information on upcoming events, visit

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