Can Master P afford his child support payments?

Master P/YouTube Screenshot
Master P/YouTube Screenshot

Master P and Sonya Miller’s bitter divorce made headlines last year as the former couple battled in court over everything from custody of their kids to homes and money. Although it seemed the battle had quietly been resolved, new reports claim the bitter exes are going back to court because P is challenging his child support and spousal support payments.

According to media reports, P recently sent a letter to the judge in the divorce case and explained that he can’t afford his monthly payments of $10k in child support and $16k in spousal support for Sonya.

In the letter, P wrote to the judge, “This is not the 90s, you guys don’t know my situation.” He also claimed that Sonya just wants to live in the lap of luxury with his money. He claims he previously gave her $8k to find a new home, but now she’s asking for $20k to find an even better place. P says that she has to move out of her current home because she alienated the landlord with her loud parties and “rude and vulgar” language.

P also accuses Sonya of being lazy and claims she spends a lot of her time smoking weed with their 19-year-old daughter, who dropped out of high school.

Well, those are some pretty hefty accusations, but at this point these exes have revealed every damaging thing you could think of about each other. Hopefully, they can settle this money dispute once and for all.

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