Did ‘Little Women: Atlanta’ star Miss Minnie dump Pastor Troy?

Ashley "Minnie" Ross (center) walks with dancers Little Women:Atlanta (photo credit Zach Dilgard for Lifetime)
Ashley “Minnie” Ross (center) walks with dancers Little Women:Atlanta (Photo credit: Zach Dilgard for Lifetime)

So being a power couple is definitely on everyone’s agenda, especially reality TV stars mainly because the right significant other can add to your five minutes of fame. If you get with the right person, you could stretch it out indefinitely: look at Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez. Still, we were a bit skeptical to hear the latest reality star couple was southern rapper Pastor Troy and Ashley “Miss Minnie” Ross, the star of “Little Women: Atlanta.” In the series opener, Minnie talked to her mother about her relationship with Pastor Troy, trying to convince her mother that dating the rapper wasn’t a bad choice.

While some of the other cast questioned Minnie’s relationship, she produced several pictures showing her hugged up with Troy and insisted that he was her official boyfriend. Later, Minnie’s allegations were questioned by Miss Juicy, one of the stars of the “Rickey Smiley Morning Show,” who moonlights on “Little Women: Atlanta.” Still, Minnie remained adamant that Pastor Troy is her boyfriend and assured the girls on the show that they would meet him soon.

Episode two aired on Wednesday, Feb. 3 and Pastor Troy was still a no show. Minnie expressed her worry about his absence to a few other ladies but seemed confident her man would resurface. Later in episode two, Minnie revealed that she broke up with Troy, stating the relationship wasn’t in her best interest. She took offense that Miss Juicy would suggest that she was never in a relationship with Pastor Troy.

In Minnie’s defense, we pulled a picture from Pastor Troy’s instagram with the caption, “#shortestrelationshipinhistory #shehadashortfuse.” So, maybe there is an admission of a relationship there. We’ve heard Minnie’s side; it would be great to hear from Pastor Troy. Is this a reality TV relationship gone bad, or was it all in Minnie’s imagination?

See the picture of Minnie and Pastor Troy, after the cut.

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