Jessica talks about her natural hair journey


Photo by Melanie L. Brown for Steed Media Service

Why did you decide to go natural?

I decided to go natural to have healthy hair and cut out the bad processed products that were doing more damage than good for my hair.

How do you take care of your natural hair?

I take care of my natural hair by weekly washing/co-washing, deep conditioning, and moisturizing with natural oils

Your two favorite hairstyles for your natural hair?

I have a very low hair cut so I enjoy different types of hair cuts and designs (fades, shaped fro, long up top with shaved back/sides, etc) and I also enjoy twisting it up.

Two emotions you felt while going natural?

Frustration and Confusion

Overall benefits to going natural?

Healthier and stronger hair.

What are your favorite three products for your natural hair?

Cantu Leave In Condition, olive oil and coconut oil.

What would you tell a person about why they should go natural?

Because your hair will in the best/healthiest state ever with proper maintenance. It will grow better than ever and be the healthiest ever.

I am natural because…

It’s easier and healthier for me and more beneficial.

Hasanyone ever asked to touch your natural hair?

All the time

What are your social media handles?

Jess Favored on Facebook


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